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Plump RF-Laser Lip Plumping

All The Plump WITHOUT The Poke! Want plump, moisturized, healthy lips without using filler?  

Or perhaps you’d like to prepare your lips for some filler by maximizing your lip health?

Look No Further!

Reasons For Laser Lip Plumping

No Needles!

No need for filler to improve lip appearance.  Our  heat-based laser allows for lip plumping which can be seen as soon as one treatment, but best achieved as a treatment series.

Improved Lip Health

Lips lose their shape, ability to produce moisture and are subject to all sorts of physical and environmental stressors in time.  Maintain hydration and build healthy lip tissue naturally! 

No Downtime

Absolutely No Downtime after your procedure.  Takes approximately 30 minutes, and you can wear lipstick and resume your day drinking through straws and kissing loved ones.

About The Treatment

Laser treatments are a safe and non-invasive option for achieving your desired results in a short treatment time.  Each lip treatment takes about 30 minutes.  Most patients opting for laser treatments over lip fillers are usually looking for more modest and natural results and healthier, more moisturized lips/. However, it is important to note that results are achieved over time and  optimal outcomes do require a series of treatments.

While there is virtually no downtime, certain people may require pre-medication (for example, lips that are prone to cold sores or Herpes Outbreaks).  This will be discussed prior to initiating treatment, with Dr. Misra and when needed, medication will be prescribed for before, during and after treatment. 


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All services can also be performed at your location on our fully equipped mobile medical office. 

A $250 service fee will be added to each session for sessions at your location.  

Plump RF

Single Treatment
Series of 4 Treatments
Package for Plump-RF paid in full receives 10% off.

Misra Wellness DPC Members get 15% off each treatment or package purchase, or the higher % discount off package purchases.
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