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10 reasons why a "House Call" mobile doctor is so popular!

What is a home-visit "house call" doctor? A mobile doctor is a concierge doctor that comes to your home with all the necessary medical equipment and supplies.

Misra Wellness
House Call Doctors Are Trending!

Home-visit doctors can be a great option for sick days, minor injuries, and other medical needs that require urgent attention.

They provide preventive care and acute care services, including physical exams, vaccinations, tests, medical procedures, and with the Misra Wellness "Wellness Wheels" you can even get aesthetic treatments!

Here are 10 reasons why having a mobile doctor visit you in your own home can be incredibly beneficial:

1. Convenience – Mobile doctors make it so much easier to receive medical care; you don’t have to worry about making time in your schedule or taking time off work to travel to the office of your primary physician. No need to sit in traffic! And the doctor can work around your schedule.

2. Comfort – Home-visit doctors understand how uncomfortable hospitals and waiting rooms in Urgent Care or the Emergency Room can be for some people. You don’t have to face the hustle and bustle of a busier facility, experience long wait times, or expose yourself while waiting in line with other people who may be sick. In fact, making an appointment with a mobile medical physician you may be able to avoid both places completely and get care right at your doorstep.

3. Privacy – Mobile doctors have the capacity to provide care in a private setting where discretion is maintained. Our Wellness Wheels are completely blacked out with confidentiality and your privacy our priority.

4. Accessibility – Home-visit concierge doctors can make house visits at almost any time of day, making them more accessible than traditional physicians who may require office visits during set hours.

5. Quality Care – Mobile doctors can take their time and provide the best quality of care since they don’t have to rush through appointments like those at an office setting, where patients may be booked back-to-back. With Misra Wellness, our average physician-patient interaction time can last 1-2 hours, giving you ample time to ask questions, perform exams, electronically prescribe necessary medications and review your health history as well as long term aesthetic and wellness goals. For those who don’t have regular access to traditional physicians or limited time, mobile doctors may be the perfect solution.

6. Cost Efficiency – Home-visit doctor services like Misra Wellness are often less expensive than visiting the ER or urgent care centers. An additional service charge for travelling to you for the Mobile Office or the "Wellness Wheels" does apply. Currently that fee is $125.00, which is significantly more cost-effective than most home-visit service fees.

7. Personalized Care – Mobile doctors are more likely to take the time to get to know their patients and provide personalized care and help identify your specific needs and long term goals. If you'd like for the doctor to make home assessments to optimize your well-being, Misra Wellness does that too!

8. Fewer Trips – Home-visit doctors can handle a variety of medical issues in one visit, eliminating multiple office trips or an emergency room visit.

9. Less Stress – Many people experience less stress when they can receive medical attention in the comfort of their own home where they have access to family members and other resources that may not be available elsewhere. Feeling Sick? Why stress yourself with traffic and leaving your home when the doctor can come and evaluate you at your location.

10. Time Savings – Visiting a mobile doctor is often much faster than having to drive to an office or wait in an ER waiting room for hours until your turn comes up. This means you’ll have more time to enjoy the other aspects of your life.

What if I don't want the doctor inside my home?

No Worries! With companies like Misra Wellness, our "Wellness Wheels" are a fully outfitted mobile medical vehicle that brings the office to you! There is no need for the doctor to enter your home (unless that is your preference). With our Mobile Medical office, we are fully capable of doing almost any treatment, Aesthetic or Medical, that we can do in the office.

Can a person have Aesthetic treatments done at their location? Yes, the Misra Wellness Mobile Office is equipped to do a number of cosmetic procedures including Dysport/Botox injections, Chemical Peels, Micro needling, Hair Rejuvenation, Laser Treatments, Hormone Therapies and more.

Will the doctor come to where I work?

Yes, mobile doctors are able to provide care at any place and at any time, so they may be able to come to your workplace if needed. Mobile doctors are becoming increasingly popular as they offer convenient, personalized care with fewer trips and less stress while providing cost savings and time savings. With mobile doctors, you no longer have to worry about making appointments or taking time off work; you can receive quality medical care wherever you are - even if it's at work. Contact Misra Wellness for more information.

Where do I search for a doctor who does house calls?

Misra Wellness is the best mobile doctor service provider in the greater Los Angeles area. We pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge mobile medical services to meet your needs and make sure that you get quality care. Contact us today to learn more! And remember - when you're feeling sick, there’s no need to leave home – a mobile doctor can come right to your door! Finally, affordable, convenient and quality healthcare are just a phone call away. Call us today at Misra Wellness!

We hope this article clarified the many benefits of mobile doctors and how Misra Wellness stands out as the premier mobile doctor service provider in the Greater Los Angeles area. We wish our patients health, happiness and peace of mind!

Signed | Dr Misra

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