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Let's Check Your 
Testosterone Levels!

Fill out the information below and start feeling great again!


Men's Health Specialist 
Dr. Misra

Low testosterone can be the cause of a lower quality of life.

You may be experiencing the following signs of "LOW T"

Depression | Anxiety | Fatigue | Weight Gain 

Muscle Loss | Insomnia | Low Libido | Lack of Focus | ED

The Process to Feeling Great Again is Simple...

Get You T Checked
Friends Exercising Together

I'm ready to check my testosterone levels and learn more about how to optimize my health!

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All services can be performed at your location on our fully equipped mobile medical office. 

A $250 service fee will be added to each session for sessions at your location for mobile medical services only within a 10 mile radius of our physical office.   

Before we proceed, in order to optimize your experience there are some logistics to get out of the way.

The first form will include your name and demographic information as well as a payment process to secure your bloodwork and appointment. The initial consultation fee is $150.00 Limited Time Only (normally $250.00).  This fee is non-refundable if the blood is drawn.  We do not bill insurance, so this is taken care of for you by Misra Wellness. As a DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, we are partnered with Quest labs at this time, so it is important you are able to go to any Quest Lab that is convenient to you to get your blood drawn and have your results sent to Dr. Misra.


Blood draws must occur while fasting (no eating a minimum of 8 hours before blood is drawn), between 7:30am-9am after a day of hydration and a good night’s sleep. Please avoid alcohol and fatty foods the night prior. 

After you get your blood drawn, the office or Dr. Misra will contact you to schedule an in-office visit where she will review the bloodwork and you will have a thorough physical exam.


Medical decisions are then tailored to your specific clinical needs and prescriptions or medications discussed at that time.
We also offer the initial consults at your location with our Wellness Wheels, which is a mobile office that can come to you at your convenience (provided legal parking is available). This has a separate service fee of $250 per visit.

It's important to know that a lot of Men’s Health medications are not covered by insurance, so Misra Wellness has partnered with pharmacies to get you the best prices at wholesale rates.


If you choose to proceed with a "Mens Health" membership, most medications necessary for treatment are offered at a deeply discounted rates, and lab work, in-office and virtual visits moving forward are also covered. Price for the Men's Health membership is $99/month and paid in 6 month or 12 month increments.


You can always reach the doctor when you need to at no extra cost.

We thank you for choosing Misra Wellness to be part of your health and wellness journey and are excited to get you feeling better.

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