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What Is DPC?

Direct Primary Care

DPC is an innovative, common-sense model that takes the practice of medicine back to its roots. Direct Primary Care takes insurance companies and bureaucracy out of the doctor/patient relationship.

DPC is considered to be similar to concierge care with affordable rates.

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What Is Direct Primary Care (DPC)-Hybrid practice?

DPC-Hybrid practices often allow for other procedures, such as Aesthetics, which are not traditionally covered by insurance anyway. With the DPC membership you do get additional benefits at Misra Wellness such as discounts on all Aesthetic services and Skincare products.

  • Relaxed Meet and Greet with Dr. Misra to Establish long term Care

  • Health and Lifestyle and Goal Review

  • Medical History Review

  • Vital Signs Assessment

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam and Medical Assessment Including Weight Loss and Hormones

  • Medication Prescriptions or access to discounted medication

  • No Copay. Ever.

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DPC Registration (Age 18+):
$299 (normally $350)
Limited Membership Space!

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How Does This Work?

Within our Direct Primary Care membership program, we do not accept health insurance of any kind. That means less stress, less paperwork, and less interference. In return, patients will have no co-pays, more relaxed visits, more flexibility, more time with the doctor, and more ways to access the doctor - including texting, video conferencing, email, phone calls, or traditional office visits. In order to optimize your experience we maintain a membership only service that allows us to maximize your care.

Why Direct Primary Care Works So Well...

Traditionally, over 40¢ of every $1 you spend on healthcare goes toward insurance billing and overhead. This means your clinician must work harder and faster, seeing more patients each day just to make ends meet. As a patient, you experience longer wait times, shorter appointments and higher costs which = frustration both for doctor and the patient. Instead of dealing with costly overhead, we reinvest that 40¢ in our clinic, into electronic medical records and into patient services. You experience shorter wait times, longer appointments and lower costs. We are here when you are both well and feeling sick often the same day!

We believe traditional insurance should be there when you need it – for serious illness and expensive, unanticipated events. Insurance should not interfere with routine primary and preventive care by reducing access to your doctor, shortening office visits and increasing costs. Although we do not bill insurance companies, we believe you can enhance your healthcare with a combination of direct primary care and a wrap-around insurance plan.

Misra Wellness and a high deductible health plan (i.e. bronze) allows you to spend less, but get more. A high deductible insurance plan allows you to maintain affordable insurance coverage for major medical problems while ensuring access to primary care for your routine medical needs. At Misra Wellness DPC we handle most of your medical problems.  We also refer to the same specialists you see now.

We prescribe the same medications you are taking now.  We order the same radiological procedures.  Nothing changes except you get more personal, accessible and comprehensive care!

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