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Direct Primary Care

We believe quality healthcare should be simple and personal. That's why we offer affordable Direct Primary Care memberships providing you enhanced access, time, and individualized attention from Dr. Misra without any insurance headaches. Our monthly fee includes comprehensive annual physicals and personalized health coaching so we can focus on your long-term health and wellbeing. No copays or claim forms - just dedicated care for a flat monthly fee.

Our focus is comprehensive care for improved quality of life, all from a single trusted physician. So whether you need specialized care or overall wellbeing support, we have you covered.​

Comprehensive Preventative Care & Chronic Disease management

Integrative Medicine combining Standard and Alternative treatments

Medical Weight Loss utilizing customized plans and cutting edge medications

Men’s Health & Hormone optimization

On-site Aesthetics Treatments & Procedures

Immigration physicals – Dr. Misra is a Certified Civil Surgeon for the Department of Homeland Security

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Personalized Care

 from an Experienced Doctor in Los Angeles, CA


Welcome to the medical office of Sulagna Misra MD. Dr. Misra is a physician with certifications in Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine, specializing in concierge-style, Direct Primary Care, focusing on the whole patient rather than just treating symptoms.


At our boutique practice, we offer personalized care plans tailored to your unique health needs. Rather than rushing you through appointments, Dr. Misra takes the time to listen and develop customized solutions to help you feel your best. She provides comprehensive care so you don’t have the hassle of seeing multiple doctors for your primary health and wellness needs.

At Misra Wellness we also Offer a Variety of

 Specialized Services

In addition to personalized primary care, our practice also offers a variety of specialized services to meet your health and wellness needs. Dr. Misra can help create customized medical weight loss plans to fit your unique goals and conditions. We also optimize and support men's health, incorporating integrative treatments for optimal vitality. Those requiring immigration physicals can schedule exams efficiently as Dr. Misra is a licensed Civil Surgeon registered with Homeland Security. And for those interested in aesthetic treatments to enhance beauty and self-confidence, we provide minimally invasive procedures and injections in our on-site aesthetics suite.

Integrative Medicine combining Standard and Alternative treatments

Nutritional optimization

Boost positivity, outlook and confidence

Priority Same-day/next-day virtual appointments with Dr. Misra.

Increase energy, endurance and stamina

Increase energy, endurance and stamina

Rekindle libido and sexual satisfaction

Boost positivity, outlook and confidence

Custom vitamin blends

Screen for tuberculosis, syphilis, and other communicable diseases

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