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Personalized Healthcare


with Direct Primary Care

At Misra Wellness, we offer an innovative membership model called Direct Primary Care (DPC) so you can access compassionate, proactive, and integrative healthcare without hassle. This streamlined approach cuts out insurance headaches and directly connects you with your personal physician.



One Flat Monthly Fee


Direct Primary Care +


We offer a flat monthly Direct Primary Care for $149/month + Meds/Labs (Primary Care Combines Medical Weight Loss & Men's Health) which includes:

Direct access to Dr. Misra

Relaxed Meet & Greet with Dr. Misra to Establish Long term Care

Health and Lifestyle and Goal Review

Medical History Review

Comprehensive Physical Exam and Medical Assessment Including Weight Loss and Hormone Evaluation

Targeted Integrative Medicine Treatment Options

Access to discounted prescriptions (may be shipped to you)

Discounted Labs | Imaging | 15% off Medical Aesthetics

Priority Visits

No Copay. Ever.

Please Note: There is a $299 Registration Fee. 




Unlock the secret to healthcare savings with a visionary approach that shatters the status quo, forging an unbreakable bond between you and your doctor, and ensuring that your hard-earned money stays where it belongs—in your wallet with transparent discounted and affordable pricing!

Misra Wellness is a fierce advocate for affordable  medical care.

Discounted Diagnostic Radiology

While advanced diagnostics like MRI, CT and X-Ray scans would be out-of-pocket, we’ve partnered with an imaging center to offer members up to 50% off usual charges. This keeps these crucial services affordable in case you require intensive testing down the road even without insurance billing.

*We also offer Full Body CT Scans and MRI’s off site!

Initial Visit Overview

Your first appointment establishes personalized care through a comprehensive health/lifestyle evaluation, medical history review, priority assessments and planning resources 

Direct Primary Care Members: $299 initial consult and $149/mo

Any one-time Visit $399

Enhanced Experience

Without the 40% overhead spent on insurance administration, we invest generously in your experience through top-tier communication channels and facilities for simplified, personalized care.

Patient-First Primary Care

Our ethos? Healthcare works best when anchored on human relationships, not finances. Give us a call to learn more about membership with Dr. Misra!  on your terms. Treatment and care on your terms!

Insurance Role

Major medical events still warrant insurance, but for routine care, DPC offers unmatched time, flexibility and coordination every step while optimizing any  insurance needs.

Ask about our patient advocacy program!


Health Maintenance

Immigration Physicals (Form I-693)