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Weight Loss

Dr. Misra is an expert in the field of medical weight loss.  At Misra Wellness, we  specialize in safe, effective weight loss utilizing leading-edge prescription medications. We understand slimming down can be an uphill battle, which is why our team customizes a comprehensive plan based on your unique needs, biomarkers, and goals to optimize and sustain results.

In addition, Dr. Misra has lost 70-80 lbs by doing the treatments herself!

Targeted Treatments Include:

Semaglutide injections

Liraglutide injections

Tirzepatide injections

Oral Medications

Targeted Supplements

Nutritional optimization

Emotional Guidance

Proven Health Benefits

Our precise medical weight loss protocols can deliver life-changing improvements:

Rapid yet sustainable fat burning

Healthier blood sugar

Reduced disease risk factors

Better energy and sleep

Improved concentration

Plus greater confidence and financial benefits that come with eating less and feeling great!

Get Started

For those ready to take charge of their weight in the new year, we offer

$250 initial consult (assess if you qualify)

Direct Access to medication & savings

Direct Access to Dr. Misra

Virtual Or In-Person Visits (in CA and NY)


One Flat Monthly Fee

Invest in yourself in 2024! Regain control of your health once and for all. Call today to qualify for special savings and customized assistance. This is YOUR year – we’ll make sure of it!

We are pleased to announce our special promotion running currently:

Bloodwork (discounted pricing or may be covered by insurance)

Semaglutide: $245 per month

Tirzepetide: $415 per month

Supplement Consultation

See Triple Board Certified Expert Dr. Misra each Visit!

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