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Reveal Your Most


At Misra Wellness, Dr. Sulagna Misra offers  advanced non-invasive technologies to naturally amplify your unique "You-ness".

Our cutting-edge therapies safely enhance face, body and hair with precision.

Laser Skin Renewal

Our high-tech laser platforms deploy concentrated wavelengths targeting collagen beneath the surface for improved skin appearance and health.

Refines skin texture

Fades unwanted pigment

Reduces acne scarring

Lifts & tightens lax skin


Sterile microneedles create microscopic punctures, triggering collagen rebuilding while enabling nutrient serum absorption.

Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles

Improves skin quality

Brightens overall complexion

Reduces enlarged pores

Custom Chemical Peels

Specializing in people of color, Misra Wellness uses formulated exfoliants that detach spent surface layers so younger cells emerge renewed. Precision application addresses imperfections.

Reduces dark pigment

Softens fine lines

Reduces acne breakouts & scars

Restores luminous clarity

Filler Dissolution

Should localized filler placement shift over time or no longer seem flattering, advanced dissolver formulas erase troubling areas. Exact injections guided by ultrasound imaging avoid compromising nearby anatomical structures.

Immediately reverses unwanted fill effects

Restores natural architecture

Protects surrounding facial tissues

Wrinkle Relaxers

Name brand botulinum toxins like Dysport & Botox deploy targeted injections to specific muscles driving repetitive facial creases. Results may  appear within 3-14 days.

Minimizes crow’s feet, forehead furrows

Limits wrinkles from permanently scarring

Allows retained facial expressivity

Facial Fillers & Dissolution

Employing smooth hyaluronic acid gel fillers from from Restylane or Juvéderm, we replace individualized facial volume loss in lips, folds, contours and hollows.

In addition, Dr. Misra uses ultrasound to do targeted filler removal.

Plumps lips and reduce facial lines

Enhance natural contours

Augment facial hollows

Improve collagen formation


Discover what customized options can draw out your most radiant beauty. Schedule your FREE consultation today.

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