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One Flat Monthly Fee


Men's Health +


What the membership includes:

For utmost savings and care continuity, enrollment in our Men's Wellness Membership is available and includes 15% off hair rejuvenation treatments, discounted meds, labs, peptides, supplements and more!

simple to join

Easy Registration: Registration is $250 and includes physical exam, men's health consultation, education and possible treatment plan.

Examination & Bloodwork: We conduct a thorough "men's health" physical exam and discuss your medical history and goals. We also test you for various panels including testosterone. This is either covered by insurance or is a flat fee of $125.

Physician Consultation: Discuss your examination and test results with Dr Misra to provide you with options to utilize any available medical treatment.

Treatment Plan: Some treatment options may be hormone replacement therapy/testosterone (if medically warranted), other medication(s), supplement(s) and/or additional medical guidance.

Our Monthly Membership Includes:

Registration is $250 and includes physical exam, consultation and possible treatment options + Laboratory Work is and additional $125 or covered by insurance

Quarterly Men’s Hormone Labs - every 3 months is $85 or covered by insurance

Membership space is limited so that  Dr. Misra can provide optimal care for patients.

Virtual or In Person follow ups every 3 months with Dr. Misra to evaluate your specific needs and how together we can optimize your health.

Discounts on Medications (May be more cost effective than with a pharmacy).a

Extended appointment times with the doctor.

Priority Same-day/next-day virtual appointments with Dr. Misra.

Discounts on Supplements

Discounts on other services including Aesthetics, Hair Restoration, and/or Hair Removal.


Rebuild Your Vitality 

Mens Health Services

Dr. Sulagna Misra has worked  at one of the most popular national men’s health treatment organizations, is a national Men’s Health Expert and has been featured in several magazines. She specializes in integrative and regenerative treatments to help men optimize vitality, confidence, and wellbeing as they age. Testosterone and Hormone Replacement Therapy, Erectile Dysfunction solutions, and Hair Loss treatments are just a few of our offerings. Read on to learn how we can revitalize your health from head to toe. 

Our individualized hormone optimization aims to:

Increase energy, endurance metabolic activity & stamina

Rekindle libido and sexual satisfaction

Sharpen cognitive abilities and motivation

Boost positivity, outlook and confidence

Enhance overall wellbeing and quality of life

Do you feel like just a shell of your formerly vibrant self, unable to exercise or meet needs at work or at home, plagued by fatigue, reduced sex drive, fuzzy thinking or fitful sleep? Declining or imbalanced hormone levels often chip away at zest for life as men age. But you don't have to settle for feeling tired, uninspired and indifferent about each new day. We offer customized Testosterone and Hormone Replacement Therapies to restore your spark.

Whether you want to maximize athleticism, revitalize intimacy, or simply flip the switch back to feeling like your more youthful self - Dr. Misra can tailor Hormone Replacement to help you realize your goals at any age.

Hormone Replacement

Erectile Dysfunction

Getting back to peak performance between the sheets is key for confidence and connection. If erectile dysfunction has you in a slump we help men reclaim vigor and satisfaction through customized plans including:

Oral medications like Generic Viagra or Cialis

Hormone optimization with Supplement Evaluation

Mental Health & Lifestyle coaching

Hair Loss

Ongoing Management

Follow-up visits & exams

At-home product use

Lifestyle optimization

Oral Medications

Finasteride tablets

Prescription minoxidil

Custom vitamin blends

Injectable Therapies

PepFactor with growth factors

Topical Treatments

Minoxidil solution

Nutrient-rich serums

Laser light therapy

Our hair regrowth options include:

Let us help you keep your mane and self-assurance. Our expert staff will evaluate your unique situation and hair needs to determine the right regimen whether that involves one or a combination of the above treatments. The key is starting early for the best regrowth results.

Low Testosterone

We offer customized testosterone replacement therapy to get you back on track, including:

Topical gels, cream & patches - Absorbed through skin

Injectable medication- Self-Administered at home 

Oral medication - Swallowed tablets or dissolvable troches

After thoroughly evaluating your bloodwork, medical history and lifestyle, Dr. Misra will design a customized and targeted regimen to optimize your testosterone.  

Unlike other places where you are just a number , you have direct  access to Dr. Misra 

Symptoms We Can Improve:

Plummeting energy & endurance

Depressed mood or irritability

Reduced muscle mass

Weight gain, especially belly fat

Sagging libido and performance

Brain fog, trouble focusing

Poor sleep quality

Don’t just accept feeling like a fading version of yourself. Our tailored Low T therapy can help you reclaim inner vitality and outer confidence.


We Also Address

Energy and sleep troubles

Muscle tone and endurance

Sexual health and satisfaction

Motivation and cognitive function

And much more

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Improve blood flow, sensitivity, and performance factors, our therapies aim to get your love life humming again. Regaining reliability and stamina between the sheets helps empower manhood inside and outside private moments. Let us help you overcome frustrations for more passionate and playful time together with your partner.

Hair Rejuvenation

We know how much thinning hair can erode self-confidence. We offer a complete selection of proven hair regrowth therapies to stimulate your follicles for lusher growth before it’s too late. With expert evaluation of your unique hair needs, we’ll customize a treatment plan to preserve and restore your mane.

Battling Low Testosterone

Over time, testosterone levels naturally decline in men, often unleashing unwelcome symptoms like weight gain, poor sleep quality, low energy, reduced libido, decreased muscle mass and bone health, and emotional shifts to name just a few! If you feel like you're veering off course vitality-wise, you may have Low T.  Modern medicine offers a beacon of hope, which can reignite the spark of youthful vigor.

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