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About Misra Wellness

Imagine a place where you and your doctor work together to define your wellness goals and then develop a plan to meet those goals.  That place is Misra Wellness.

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My Story

With certifications in Integrated Medicine, Internal Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Misra offers her patients a wide range of medical and aesthetic services. Dr. Misra is also a CLIA certified lab director and is a board-certified Medical Affairs Specialist. Raised in New York City, Dr. Misra practiced medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital before moving on to serve as an Integrative Medicine practitioner and Laboratory Director in Midtown Manhattan.

Misra Wellness offers each patient their own road towards wellness that begins with a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Misra, ensuring that any procedure performed is based on best medical practices. Along the way patients are kept up to date on their progress and Dr. Misra and her staff are always available to answer
any questions.


Please reach out if you have questions, need more information or would like to make an appointment.


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