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Dr. Misra is chatting with a patient and both are smiling.

We begin every patient relationship with an in-depth consultation to best understand your health history, challenges and most importantly, aspirations. Our customized protocols and targeted treatment options integrate the latest medical advances with natural methodologies to help you actualize your goals sustainably. Ongoing progress oversight and access without administrative obstacles ensures the lines of communication remain open and  helps you with a seamless experience.


Our office feels relaxed, contemporary, and comforting. But make no mistake – state-of-the-art equipment and procedures are just steps away in our on-site treatment rooms. We integrate care for optimal convenience and coordination.

Start your bespoke wellness journey in our safe, capable hands. The first step is a warm hello. Reach out now through Call, Text or Email to schedule an in office or  virtual visit in  Los Angeles. Virtual appointments exclusively for New York patients at this time.

The Misra Wellness




Dr. Misra brings over 15 years of experience to her Los Angeles-based practice in Los Angeles, CA. With certifications in Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine and medical  Aesthetics, she offers comprehensive wellbeing solutions both in office or virtually (telemedicine) throughout California and New York!


Raised in bustling NYC, Dr. Misra practiced at Mount Sinai Hospital before serving as an Integrative Medicine and CLIA Certified Medical Laboratory Director in Manhattan. She combines holistic healing traditions with cutting-edge therapies for complete care. Dr. Msra aims to be the Physician she herself would like to see.

Photo of Dr, Sulagna Misra Smiling


Misra Wellness

At Misra Wellness, we believe your health journey should be a collaborative, empowering partnership between patient and physician. Our mission is to help you articulate and achieve your wellness visions.

Led by Dr. Sulagna Misra, our practice offers Preventative Primary Care, Internal & Integrative Medicine, Medical Aesthetics, Men's Health and Hormones, Medical Weight loss and more. Dr. Misra is a firm believed patients are not textbooks.

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