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10 Reasons To See Your Primary Care Physician in 2023

Female doctor with stethoscope.
See your PCP in January 2023!

It's the New Year, and a great opportunity for a fresh start! With resolutions in full swing, why not make primary care a priority? After all, getting an annual physical exam and medical screening from your primary care physician is one of the best ways to ensure you have a clean bill of health. Not only will it help diagnose any existing issues, but a visit with your doctor can also help you develop healthy habits for the future.

During your primary care visit, your physician will review your health history, check your vital signs and assess any risk factors you may have. Your doctor may also order medical tests like bloodwork or imaging studies or genetic testing to ensure that any existing conditions are managed appropriately.

Here are 10 reasons to see your Primary Care Physician in 2023:

1. Blood Pressure Check: Checking your blood pressure is important because it affects the health and function of your heart and other organs. Catching and treating high blood pressure early is important to prevent diseases such as cardiovascular illness, kidney disease and stroke.

2. Glucose Assessment: High glucose levels can be a sign of diabetes or pre-diabetes, which also can affect your body's organs. High circulating glucose also can get stored as fat and increase insulin levels causing resistance and affect how you feel and your ability to lose weight.

3. Cholesterol Evaluation: A healthy cholesterol level is essential for good health and organ function, as high cholesterol can cause serious health problems, such as liver disease or fatty deposits in blood vessels that can break off causing heart attack and stroke.

4. Weight Management: Obesity may indicate a multitude of issues including suppressed hormone levels, sleep issues such as sleep apnea, and may indicate issues with insulin resistance and other metabolic syndromes. Often those suffering from Obesity need some help losing weight. Misra Wellness offers a variety of treatments to help reduce weight when needed and eliminate obesity associated illnesses

5. Skin Health Exam: Paying attention to any changes in your skin health is important for catching early signs of skin cancer or other health issues. In addition, Misra Wellness offers a multitude of age-defying treatments to improve your skin health and texture.

6. Nutritional health and Exercise evaluation: Talking about nutrition and supplementation along with discussing proper exercises with your primary care physician is important because it can reduce the burden of health problems such as obesity, heart disease and osteoporosis.

7.Sleep Quality and Quantity evaluation: We spend almost half our lives sleeping, which is integral to having improved energy, weight management, stress reduction, while restoring and rejuvenating cells and hormones within the body, which can help strengthen the immune system and reduce health issues and improve mental health.

8.Mental Health Assessment: A pandemic (Covid-19) has caused global trauma and there has been noticeable increases in depression, anxiety and even suicide. (If you or someone you love is actively suicidal, please call or text the National Suicide Hotline at #988)

9.Medication Management: Your primary care doctor will review your medication and supplement usage to make sure that you are taking the appropriate medications for your health problems in the right way.

10.Keeping An Eye On Your Health: Primary Care Physicians are integral in collecting all your health data and keeping track of referrals to specialist, outside testing, hospitalizations and managing appropriate cancer screenings . In addition, places like Misra Wellness help you stay up to date on vaccinations or STD testing and getting you towards your health and wellness goals.

Make primary care a part of your 2023 New Year's resolutions and take charge of your health today. Book an appointment with Misra Wellness to start today!

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